The Kill List: A Review

I recently read the book “The Kill List” by Frederick Forsyth. This was the first book from Forsyth that I read. My friends told me that he is a very good author and all his books have an amazing plot. This made me even more eager to read the book.

The excerpt from the book is something like this:

“In Virginia, there is an agency bearing the bland name of Technical Operations Support Activity, or TOSA. Its one mission is to track, find, and kill those so dangerous to the United States that they are on a short document known as the Kill List. TOSA actually exists. So does the Kill List.

Added to it is a new name: a terrorist of frightening effectiveness called the Preacher, who radicalizes young Muslims abroad to carry out assassinations. Unfortunately for him, one of the kills is a retired Marine general, whose son is TOSA’s top hunter of men.

He has spent the last six years at his job. He knows nothing about his target’s name, face, or location. He realizes his search will take him to places where few could survive. But the Preacher has made it personal now. The hunt is on.”

The story revolves around a secret agent named Tracker, who has a mission to track down people who are deemed dangerous to the United States and her citizens. His latest target is a person who is known as the Preacher. He delivers online sermons and induces youth into terrorism. The Tracker’s mission becomes personal when an extremist, who was indoctrinated by the Preacher’s sermons, kills his father.

The plot revolves around how the Tracker gets the identity of the Preacher and how he plans to take him down. The Tracker uses his contacts in other secret service agencies, a brilliant hacker, coupled with his own investigations to track down the Preacher.  Once he tracks him down, he plans to spoil his reputation using a fake sermon. Once his reputation is destroyed, the Tracker plans to finish off the Preacher. But since the Preacher used to stay in a civilian area, using missiles to take him down there was a big no-no.

There is a parallel story of a Swedish merchant ship getting into the hands of pirates and a captive being taken. This story merges with the original plot in the end, when the Tracker uses the captive to bring the Preacher out into the open and finish him off.

All in all, it’s a gripping tale, which flies at a terrific pace. Its sure to keep you on tenterhooks till the end!

Happy reading.




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